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Revised Chelsea-Area Equity Challenge launching on Wednesday, June 3

A new, revised Chelsea-Area Equity Challenge is launching on Wednesday, June 3.

This will be a custom Challenge for the Chelsea area, using the material from the original United Way Challenge.

It is a program to deepen our understanding of racism and to give us tools to address it.

Round 2 is launching quickly because the demonstrations for racial justice across the country are front and center in the news. The demonstrators have repeatedly brought up the ideas of white privilege and institutional racism. This is an opportunity to learn what that really means.

The original 5-Day Challenge was a success, but participants felt that five days did not give everyone time to review the material and to participate in the discussion.

The new Challenge will be 3 times a week for 3 weeks.

Because this is for the Chelsea-area only, the material will be presented through a private Facebook Group that everyone is welcome to join.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a new Facebook post will appear in the group with two Challenges – one will be a video or podcast and the other will be a link to an article.

The post will remain open for discussion and comments.

The Facebook group is Area Equity Challenge. This is the same group with an updated name. If you are not already part of the group or have not received an invitation to join, please search for the group and ask to join. You’ll be included ASAP.

Any questions, please contact

What is Disability Pride Month?

July is Disability Pride month!

Great day for the UNITY Walk - for the Dispute Resolution Center. OWOF supports conflict management and restorative justice. This was a great way to support the organization that brings this to our court system.

Both the City of Chelsea and the State of Michigan have designated June 7 as Gun Violence Awareness Day to stop the needless deaths by guns. Here is recent legislation that is going into effect:

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