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Add Your Own Special Love to our Peace Doves!

One World One Family (OWOF) will be participating in the Hometown Holidays streetlamp decoration again year!
Peace on Earth is our lamppost’s theme.

We have a new dove template to use for decorating this year, and we’re looking for all OWOF supporters to add their own style of love to our lamppost in one of the following ways:

1) Paint your own!  This would be a great project for kiddos over the holiday.   We can even help with the paint kits.  We are suggesting a $10 (or more) donation for each dove.  Let us know that this is your choice, and we’ll reply with an email with pick-up instructions for a downtown location.

2) Sponsor a pre-painted dove.  If you’d like to be represented but don’t have the time to paint one, let us know.   We’ll designate a dove for you with our sincere appreciation.  Just let us know this in an email, and we’ll reserve your dove.  Donations of $10 (or more) per dove can be made via PayPal or by mailing a check. For Paypal, use or Checks can be payable to OWOF and mailed to P.O. Box 31 in Chelsea, MI.

Please help OWOF create a beautiful display of peace using a great diversity of individually painted doves!  It is also an important fund-raiser for our coming year’s work.  Your sponsorship and generosity are greatly appreciated.   And, when you go downtown, don’t forget to vote for our lamppost! Thank you again for your love and enthusiasm in helping the world be a better place!

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