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United Way 5-Day Equity Challenge May 25-29

The United Way of Washtenaw County is sponsoring a 5-Day Equity Challenge May 25-29 to examine the disproportionate toll COVID-19 is taking on black community members.

If you want to understand why, this online event will address the reasons behind this racial inequity in Washtenaw County.

The challenge is a series of readings, videos or podcasts that are emailed to each participant each day for five days. They take about 10-15 minutes.

The United Way hopes to raise the awareness of as many of us in Washtenaw County as they can. It is a problem that involves us all.

Link to sign up is:

In Chelsea, if you sign up, please also request to join the private Facebook group Area 5-day Equity Challenge for sharing thoughts and reactions to each day’s material.   We hope there will also be an online Chelsea community discussion of the material once the challenge is completed. That will be announced later.

Any questions, please contact

Additional information from the website:

About the Equity Challenge: COVID-19 Edition

You (along with thousands of others in Washtenaw County) commit to deepening your understanding of and willingness to confront racism for five consecutive days beginning May 25 and ending on May 29.

During every morning of the challenge, you’ll receive an email “prompt” with readings, videos and/or podcasts.

You are encouraged to take about 10-15 minutes each day with the material in the prompt.

Explore this work on your own, with friends and family, or organization-wide. Download our discussion guide (PDF) from United Way Washtenaw’s website.

Capture your daily reflections and actions using our 2020 Equity Challenge Activity Tracking Log PDF

Follow OWOF on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share your reflections and “a ha” moments using the hashtags #unitedforequity, #equitychampions, and #uwwcequitychallenge.

What is Disability Pride Month?

July is Disability Pride month!

Great day for the UNITY Walk - for the Dispute Resolution Center. OWOF supports conflict management and restorative justice. This was a great way to support the organization that brings this to our court system.

Both the City of Chelsea and the State of Michigan have designated June 7 as Gun Violence Awareness Day to stop the needless deaths by guns. Here is recent legislation that is going into effect:

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